The Chicago Diabetes Project has made a positive impact on many. With your support, we can help even more people suffering from diabetes. Read our patient testimonials and see how the Chicago Diabetes Project is changing lives.

Photo of Judith-Rae Ross

“Prior to the transplantation I thought my days were numbered, and I was approaching that number…now there’s time to live.”

Judith-Rae Ross

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Photo of Dr. Dana Webb

“The generous gift of the tiniest cells changed my entire world.”

Dr. Dana Webb

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Photo of Suzi Johnson

“I now live life free from restrictions from my diabetes. I go hiking, horseback riding, traveling and participate in events that used to seem daunting because of my disease.”

Suzi Johnson

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Photo of Kim Menard

“Eight days post-transplant, I became completely insulin independent for the first time in 33 years.”

Kimberly Menard

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Photo of Timm Gildea

“It is hard to believe and surely something I never thought I would see in my lifetime.”

Timm Gildea

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Photo of Kim Carlson

“Some of the most normal things that someone without diabetes takes for granted have now become normal to me.”

Kim Carlson

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