Dr. Jose Oberholzer and a group of high school students

Global Collaboration

We are using a collaborative model to achieve a cure. By freely exchanging knowledge, we have created a scientific alliance between institutions—a coalition that will accelerate finding a functional cure for diabetes.

The CDP has assembled a team of chemical engineers, molecular and developmental biologists, physicians and surgeons that have formulated a 5-year plan to resolve the remaining hurdles associated with the development of a functional cure for diabetes without the need for immunosuppressive drugs. This unique team spans all of the necessary disciplines which would allow the CDP to meet its goal, including but not limited to, experts in the fields of islet cell development, islet cell physiology, islet cell autoimmune destruction, stem cell biology, viral production technology, biomaterial encapsulation and large animal islet transplantation. Our international and interdisciplinary team includes experts from the University of Illinois, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, University of South Florida, Slovakian Academy of Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and University of Geneva in Switzerland.