University of Trondheim

Trondheim, Norway

Our partner at the University of Trondheim is part of the Chicago Diabetes Project’s encapsulation team. She is working to develop the biomaterials that will be used to encapsulate the insulin-producing islet cells, protecting them from the body’s immune system. She is working with alginate gel, which is a natural organism taken from algae or seaweed. The gel is used for capsules that are permeable enough for glucose to get to the islets, and insulin from the islets to get to the blood, but not permeable enough for the body’s antibodies to attack the cells. This research is very important in helping to eliminate the need for immunosuppressant drugs for our transplant patients.

Researchers at University of Trondheim

Kjetil Formo, M.S., Ph.D.*

Ph.D. Graduate Student, Encapsulation Specialist

Berit Strand, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator at Department of Biotechnology

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