Berit Strand, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator at Department of Biotechnology
University of Trondheim
Trondheim, Norway

“Being a part of a global collaboration such gives the access to human islets and animal models that is indeed valuable to the work we are doing. The network also gives the access to experimental techniques and methods for analysis that are relevant.”

Dr. Berit Strand began her involvement with the Chicago Diabetes Project in 2005, and focuses on understanding and developing novel biomaterials for tissue engineering, including furthering the functionality of alginate capsules. She is currently working on making innovative alginates with enzymatic modifications, which improve upon the existing alginate capsules, Trondheim Alginate Microcapsules. The goal is to increase the stability, elasticity and reduce the permeability in order to enhance the alginate and islet interactions, particularly the encapsulation of pancreatic precursor cells.

Collaboration through the Chicago Diabetes Project has helped the team in Trondheim discover that human islets function in TAM for extended periods of time.

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