Igor Lacík, Ph.D.

Head, Department of Special Polymers and Biopolymers
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Bratislava, Slovakia

Polymer chemistry in the microcapsule design, process of fabrication and characterization.  Overall strategy in the optimization of microcapsules fulfilling the ultimate goal.

Ability to apply methodical, diverse and long-term expertise in the design of microcapsules for immune protection of pancreatic islets.

This collaboration represents the conjunction of the world experts in all the areas needed for bringing the transplantation of encapsulated islets to the cure.  Sincerity, scientific integrity, criticism and friendship are the characteristics building the strong and professional team.  This as well as financial means represent the exceptional conditions, which could not be so successfully, combined in the parallel current and past teams.  This creates a high chance for Chicago Project to succeed in the mission.

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