Joshua E. Mendoza-Elias

MD/PhD Student
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL

After completing a B.S. in Biology at Duke University, Joshua returned to his hometown of Maywood, Illinois and joined the Chicago Diabetes Project in May 2009. He is currently pursuing an MD/PhD at UIC in collaboration with the Division of Transplantation and the Department of Bioengineering Joshua’s research focuses on the development of new microfluidic platforms for pancreatic islet research, β-cells, and stem cell differentiation.

His immediate research goals focus on the development of a long-term tissue culture platform; in addition to better mimicking the islet microenvironment in vitro with a microfluidic platform that can more closely approximate the dynamic physiological microenvironment that islets, β-cells, and stem cells experience in vivo. In addition, Joshua is also using microfluidics to studying the physiological functioning of pancreatic islets. He hopes that his work will give new insights that will help to improve transplant outocmes in the clinic.

Joshua is currently supported by the American Diabetes AssociationClinical Scientist Training Award and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons Presidential Student Mentor Award.

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