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2 weeks ago

Chicago Diabetes Project

Some pictures fro the 2018 Chicago Marathon! Thanks team!!!Chicago Marathon 2018 ...

Hello CDP followers,

If anyone out there has a few minutes to participate in a survey regarding T1D therapies and cell based therapies, please see below. We are in need of 10 or so people to join in. Please help us out!!

What Are Cell-based Therapies and How Can They Help Cure Type 1 Diabetes?

Participate in our survey to learn more and voice your feedback.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago are interested in your feedback on the advances of current therapies for type 1 diabetes, the possibilities of cell- based therapies, and acceptable limitations to these options.

THROUGH the University of Illinois at Chicago, researchers are conducting an open- ended survey to gather this feedback.

The survey is a confidential, one-on-one phone conversation with a member from our research team at the University of Illinois at Chicago who wants your opinion and feedback on potential cell-based therapies to cure type 1 diabetes.

Want to learn more about cell- based therapy research and voice your opinion on the cure for type 1 diabetes?
Please call: 312-996-0291 or Email:

3 months ago

Chicago Diabetes Project

A huge thank you to the Murray family and especially Patrick for leading a baseball tourney held on August 4th – 5th. Thirty teams participated and it was a huge success. Dr. Oberholzer even threw out the ceremonial first pitch! ...

About the CDP

Based in Chicago at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Services, the Chicago Diabetes Project is a collection of scientist, researchers, physicians and surgeons spanning the globe who have a two-fold mission to cure diabetes.

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