1396908114 News http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/ en Chicago Diabetes Project Copyright 2014 2014-04-07T19:49:53+00:00 Senator Durbin supports Biomedical Research with special mention of the Chicago Diabetes Project http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/senator-durbin-supports-biomedical-research-with-special-mention-of-the-chi/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/senator-durbin-supports-biomedical-research-with-special-mention-of-the-chi/#When:19:49:53Z Senator Dick Durbin recently visited the University of Illinois College of Medicine to discuss his new legislation, the American Cures Act.  The American Cures Act, seeks to preserve the United States’ role as a global leader in medical innovation by establishing a mandatory trust fund for biomedical research at the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and health programs at the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs.  He praised the work of Dr. Jose Oberholzer in functionally curing diabetes, and spoke with patient Ed Augustin to learn how he became independent of insulin after receiving an islet cell transplant. 

Islet Transplantation: On the Verge of Mainstream? http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/islet-transplantation-on-the-verge-of-mainstream/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/islet-transplantation-on-the-verge-of-mainstream/#When:18:05:35Z “This is a life-changing experience for those who are eligible, and yes, they say that it’s a ‘functional cure‘ to them.”

CDP islet encapsulation work cited in the January 2014 issue of Nature Medicine http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/cdp-islet-encapsulation-work-cited-in-the-january-2014-issue-of-nature-medi/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/cdp-islet-encapsulation-work-cited-in-the-january-2014-issue-of-nature-medi/#When:16:27:00Z A title story about islet encapsulation, with perspective on where we the CDP is at with developing methods to transplant islets without immunosuppression.

Tour de Diabetes Cure - Help support Chicago bicyclist who is riding to Mexico for a cure! http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/tour-de-diabetes-cure-help-support-chicago-bicyclist-who-is-riding-to-mexic/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/tour-de-diabetes-cure-help-support-chicago-bicyclist-who-is-riding-to-mexic/#When:03:14:12Z

Jorge Balderas has been riding his bike toward his hometown in Mexico since November 4th, stopping along the way raise awareness for the Chicago Diabetes Project and how the need for a cure is critical. Follow his progress via facebook at Tour de Diabetes Cure


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    Annual Santa Speedo Run this Saturday, December 7, 2013 - benefiting the Chicago Diabetes Project http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/annual-santa-speedo-run-this-saturday-december-7-2013-benefiting-the-chicag/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/annual-santa-speedo-run-this-saturday-december-7-2013-benefiting-the-chicag/#When:03:17:21Z Naughty or nice….
    Buddhist, Sikh, Christian or Jew…
    Santa wants YOU to be part of his SPEEDO…bikini…snowsuit ... RUNNING crew!
    What: Santa Speedo Run (1 mile down Rush street and back up Michigan Ave)

    When: Saturday, December 7th (11am open bar, 1 mile race 1:00pm, and an afternoon of Santa mayhem!)

    Where: Shenanigans, 16 W. Division Street, Chicago

    Who: All elves, reindeer, santas…

    Attire: speedos and swimsuits encouraged… snowpants, sweatshirts, and parkas completely acceptable! Wear your best costume underneath and at the stroke of 1pm, we will strip down to the speedos and get our run on! Please note while speedos are encouraged, you don’t have to run or wear a speedo…as long as its festive!

    Open bar starts at 11am and lasts 3 hours. $50 cover charge inludes domestic bottles and well drinks, and a Speedo Run Mug and Santa Hat.

    Flip Cup tourney, raffle, prizes, contest and North Pole dancing!
    All proceeds go to the Chicago Diabetes Project!

    Fundraiser at Trump Tower raises nearly $300,000.00 for CDP! http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/fundraiser-at-trump-tower-raises-nearly-300000.00-for-cdp/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/fundraiser-at-trump-tower-raises-nearly-300000.00-for-cdp/#When:03:06:06Z His father, Bryan Sugar, made him a promise the day he was diagnosed to do everything in his power to find a cure.  Bryan has put his full support behind the CDP.  With his help and that of the Cutting Edge Foundation, the event raised nearly $300,000.00 for T1 diabetes research. 

    Darren Weissman aka Doctor Dribble runs Chicago and NYC Marathon for CDP! http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/darren-weissman-aka-doctor-dribble-runs-chicago-and-nyc-marathon-for-cdp/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/darren-weissman-aka-doctor-dribble-runs-chicago-and-nyc-marathon-for-cdp/#When:20:54:56Z

    Darren Weissman aka Doctor Dribble ran the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and ING NYC Marathon while dribbling two basketballs the ENTIRE time!  Check out an exclusive interview with Darren after his completion of the ING NYC Marathon.

    NIH lists brittle type 1 diabetes as a rare and distinct disease http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/nih-lists-brittle-type-1-diabetes-as-a-rare-and-distinct-disease/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/nih-lists-brittle-type-1-diabetes-as-a-rare-and-distinct-disease/#When:22:05:45Z 2013-10-22T22:05:45+00:00 Making an Impact: Daley Award Winners Embody Charitable Spirit http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/making-an-impact-daley-award-winners-embody-charitable-spirit/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/making-an-impact-daley-award-winners-embody-charitable-spirit/#When:23:34:32Z Dr. Oberholzer is featured in a story for the 2013 Bank of America Chicago Marathon taking place on Sunday, October 13th.  He won the Daley Award in 2011 raising over $120,000.00 toward a functional cure. 

    Buying T-Shirts Saves Lives! http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/buying-t-shirts-saves-lives/ http://www.chicagodiabetesproject.org/news/buying-t-shirts-saves-lives/#When:21:56:53Z

    Bernie just had his 3rd Diaversary…his family is helping to raise money for a cure by selling some very cool t-shirts.  If you have the means, please buy one.  You’ll help save lives and look really awesome wearing it! Order online at www.journeytoacure.storenvy.com.