Research Programs

Other research programs provided in partnership with the Chicago Diabetes Project:

JDRF – UIC Islet Core:

The Microfluidic-based beta-cell functional analysis facility is located in the Department of Surgery, at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and is supported by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF). This functional analysis facility will provide an analysis and characterization service for emerging islet cell derivatives including hESCs/hiPSCs, microencapsulated islets/hESCs/hiPSCs, as well as screening of potential pharmaceutical agents for diabetes treatment. This service will be available to the JDRF community as a whole and diabetes researchers who may not have such technology or access. The overall purpose is to assist the field of diabetes research in moving forward with therapeutic strategies for beta-cell replacement and beta-cell regeneration to cure Type I diabetes. Additionally, we are also willing to service those who are working on islet or beta-cell related research.

UIC Summer Diabetes Research Program:

The objectives of the program are to train the next generation of scientists and engineers to build and sustain an interdisciplinary research pipeline in the field of diabetes research and treatment through participating in challenging diabetes-related projects supervised by research mentors from UIC. It includes seminar-based lectures, individual student-tailored research projects, and clinical immersion. Specific emphasis is given to the students from traditionally underrepresented racial, gender, and ethnic groups in the STEM and biomedical research fields.

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