Ways to Give

Online Donation

What if you could cure diabetes with just one click?

Online giving makes it fast and convenient to support our scientists, who are hard at work around the globe making a cure for diabetes a reality.

If there is an area of research that you find particularly interesting, we are happy to direct your donation to that interest. Gifts can be made to The Chicago Diabetes Project in honor of a special event (Birthday, Anniversary, Promotion, Retirement, and Holiday) or in memory of a loved one. Please indicate this information when making your gift so we can notify the recipient of your tribute.

Gifts can be made by mail: Chicago Diabetes Project/UIF, 335450 [PDF].

Or use the red button to the left for online giving.

Recurring Gift

Want to make a big impact, but can’t do it all at once? Our Recurring Gift feature allows you to make larger donations to the Chicago Diabetes Project over time as the future contributions will be made automatically. By clicking on the red donate button to the left, you can schedule recurring gifts monthly, quarterly or yearly. Just click the red button, scroll to the middle of the page, and choose what payment options work best for you. Your recurring gifts mean the Chicago Diabetes Project can continue its research until we have a cure for diabetes.

Matching Gift

Matching Gifts make the most out of your generosity. Many companies offer matching gift programs that match, double or even triple their employees’ charitable donations.

To find out if your employer participates in our matching program, visithttp://www.uif.uillinois.edu/matching/

Planned Giving

Make curing diabetes a part of your legacy. Gift planning creates beneficial opportunities for both donors and the Chicago Diabetes Project. Whether it’s a gift of assets or a gift that pays you income, a charitable trust or retirement-plan benefits, planned giving provides many ways to fit a charitable legacy into your estate plans. For more information or to request a calculation, visituif.plannedgifts.org

Support a “Cellmate” on the Run

Cellmates on the Run is a running group that brings people together to achieve a common goal: to raise awareness in the fight of an aggressively growing epidemic – DIABETES. Cellmates on the Run is an Official Charity for the Chicago and New York City marathons. Over the past two years, we have raised approximately $500,000. If you can’t run 26.2 miles, you can help us take one step closer to a cure for diabetes by supporting a Cellmate today.Visit cellmatesontherun.com

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