How Your Gift Helps

Unlike most nonprofit programs, 100 percent of every dollar donated goes directly to fund research for a cure for diabetes. Currently all our funding is being focused on islet cell transplantation and research into methods to reproduce islet cells for transplantation and encapsulate the islets so they are not rejected by the diabetic patient’s immune system.

Islet cell transplantation

We are currently conducting Phase III Clinical Trials for islet cell transplantation. This clinical trial will bring us closer to applying for a biological license for islet transplantation, which will allow islet transplantation to be recognized as standard medical care for Type I diabetic patients and mandatory for reimbursement by medical insurances. Each transplant plus follow-up care costs nearly $100,000. Please consider supporting one of our patients.


Chicago Diabetes Project members across the globe are working to make islet cell transplantation safer and more effective. We are working toward two specific goals:

  • Encapsulated Human Islet Transplants: Currently, recipients of donor islet cells must take immunosuppressant drugs to prevent the body’s immune system from attacking the cells. We are working to encapsulate the cells in a special gel derived from algae that will prevent the patient’s antibodies from attacking the islet cells.
  • Develop an Unlimited Source of Islet Cells: Each year, there are only 6,000 viable pancreases to transplant. We are working to produce an unlimited source of islet cells in the laboratory that are suitable and safe for transplantation in humans. By delivering a limitless source of pancreatic islet cells, members of the Chicago Diabetes Project team offers hope to the millions of patients throughout the world a chance at living a normal and healthy life free of managing and controlling diabetes.

If you would like to further our research and hasten a cure for diabetes, please donate today.


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