Bruno Pasquinelli supported a patient's transplant

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Funding a Cure

The Chicago Diabetes Project needs private resources to further developments in islet cell transplantation and to continue clinical trials. Your gift, of any size, will help change the lives of millions who suffer from diabetes.

The Chicago Diabetes Project provides a specific goal—to cure diabetes—and measurable results—many patients are insulin-free within weeks of transplantation. Every dollar donated goes directly to funding a cure.

Howard Nochumson, executive director of the Washington Square Health Foundation, once asked Dr. Jose Oberholzer, “How would you cure diabetes if money was not an issue?”

Dr. Oberholzer knew the answer: Create an unlimited supply of islet cells. Eliminate the need for immunosuppressant drugs after transplantation.

The Chicago Diabetes Project has the answer. Now we need your help to make the cure a reality.

Please make a gift today.