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Yong Wang


Assistant Professor

Department of Surgery

University of Virginia Health System

Dr. Yong Wang is an expert in the field of beta-cell physiology and islet transplantation with nearly 20 years of research experience. With his medical training background, Dr. Wang’s research interest is to investigate and solve clinically relevant problems with novel emerging technologies. Dr. Wang has developed a set of novel microfluidic biochips (Lab-on-Chip) to study islet physiology that are applied in human islet transplantation and beta-cell biology.

His research represents one of only a handful of laboratories that have applied microfluidic technology in diabetes research and treatment with seven peer-reviewed research publications, three technical reports, three reviews, and one book chapter in this area since 2009. He is also developing additional islet devices such as microfluidic array for high-content and high-resolution imaging, pumpless microfluidic perifusion, integrated optical imaging with smartphone, and beta-cell and alpha-cell separation. His research has been supported by NIH, JDRF, Pfizer, Merck and Gift of Hope. Dr. Wang also has extensive experience in islet isolation and transplantation including human, non-human primate, and rodent animal models.

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